DESMOS project, by promoting the systematization of interpretation of heterogeneous sensor data and field information through an  integrated platform of comprehension and management of critical situations for tourists, is an essential aid to the process of providing products and services in the field of safety in tourist environments in a sustainable and profitable way for the stakeholders. The added value that DESMOS offers is inseparably linked to the main objectives of the project that include reuse, representation, interpretation and scalability of results and they translate into the following expected results:

Introduction of knowledge in critical situation management products and servicesindependent of field and application, in a way that preserves a modular, scalable and secure architecture, while protecting privacy.

Ability to fully cover specialized solutions for a variety of relevant market applications, e.g. disaster management, accidents, etc., by combining choice and appropriate ICTs, algorithms and knowledge structures, offering a friendly environment of interaction to different users.

Provide cost-effective and time-efficient solutions, with the development of new products and the ability to link decision support services with third-party systems (eg, police, tour operators) in a well-defined and systematized manner.