Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas

The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), founded in 2000, is the only research centre in Northern Greece and one of the largest in the country. CERTH has important scientific and technological achievements in many areas including: Energy, Environment, Industry, Mechatronics, Information & Communication, Transportation & Sustainable Mobility, Health, Agro-biotechnology, Smart farming, Safety & Security, as well as several cross-disciplinary scientific areas. From its five institutes, CERTH participates in this project through ITI. The participating team, namely the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Data Analytics laboratory (MKLab), has extensive experience and expertise in knowledge structures, semantic multimedia analysis, reasoning and personalization for multimedia applications among others.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) (Faculty of Engineering, University of West Attica) provides higher education at undergraduate and postgraduate level, while it is also active in Research & Development projects focusing on electronic technology and related/interdisciplinary areas. The Department has been collaborating with research centers such as NCSR “Demokritos” and CERN, with many public research/academic partners, as well as with companies from Greece and abroad. EEE is also a member of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) and the gi-cluster of R&D CORALLIA. The involved research team CoNSeRT (COmputer Networks & SErvices Research Team) holds strong expertise in issues related to the development of smart mobile applications, as well as the Internet of Things. The team has participated as a Scientific Coordinator in three H2020 projects (TRILLION, STORM, EUNOMIA) focusing on the design and implementation of applications on smart mobile phones and handheld devices to engage users.


Based on its successful profile and experience in telematics, iTrack has invested in research and development at IoT from 2013 until today. Targeted and applied research combining field data collection and telematics and telemetry services has resulted in the EveryGate trading platform, which is a key tool for developing modern services.  These services are aimed at businesses and research organizations who want to quickly and easily experiment, implement and evaluate models and applications they have studied theoretically. In this project, the company will provide the necessary technical assistance and guidance for the development of applications using sensor data and mobile phones. The project will also explore the integration of new Sensors and Techniques on the EveryGate platform, which are either currently planned by the market or are in the experimental stage.


e-Trikala SA is a company where 99% of the share capital belongs to the Municipality of Trikala. It has 10 years of experience in management and participation of national and European projects. With the applications of new technologies it has managed to improve the day-to-day life of citizens in a medium-sized city, simplify their daily transactions, reduce telecommunications costs and offer new services.