The aim of this project is to  develop “DESMOS”, a novel framework for the intelligent interconnection of smart infrastructures, mobile and wearable devices and apps for  the provision of a secure environment for citizens, especially for visitors and tourists. The platform will promote the collaboration between people and devices for protecting tourists, supporting timely reporting of incidents, adaptation of the interconnected environments in case of emergency and the provision of assistance by empowering local authorities and volunteers. More specifically, the project sets the following high-level objectives:
  • Fast, timely and accurate notifications in case of emergencies (e.g. allergies, medical incidents, etc.), sending at the same time all contextual information needed to help authorities coordinate and assist people, protecting the privacy of the monitored people.
  • Anonymous reporting of incidents using crowdsourcing, with a special focus on incidents involving tourists, e.g. thefts.
  •  Adaptability of services, devices and people to respond to incidents and protect citizens/tourists.