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The percentage of people who said they were satisfied with the service also declined from 91 percent to 77 percent. The IBO budget shows $816 million. Borderline socialist New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio's wife has lost a staggering amount of money and now people are demanding answers. And guess what I finally found it. (She receives no pay for her city work.). Anyone can read what you share. De Blasio's Wife, Head of ThriveNYC Program and Missing $850 Million in Taxpayer Money 1017 Views. It is a hard thing to measure, because its never existed before, Ms. McCray said in an interview at Gracie Mansion last month. Comptroller Scott Stringer announced Friday that he will be looking into a city program that has spent nearly $1 billion without any details. Ms. McCray implores those she meets to take the course, which includes discussions and role playing. The purpose behind diversion centers was to stop cycling people with mental illness through the criminal justice system instead of getting them treatment and other services. The city committed $52 million to fix up and run the Bronx facility for a decade. As McCray explained during her own. Now the de Blasio administration is moving toward a different approach: pairing EMTs with social workers, with no cops involved unless the 911 dispatcher determines theres a threat of violence. If a comment is spam, instead of replying to it please click the icon to the right of the comment, and report it as spam. Much of the development of Thrive was personal, born of Mr. de Blasios and Ms. McCrays own difficulties navigating the mental health system on behalf of their daughter, Chiara, who struggled with depression and drugs during high school and college. The helpline is still on track to meet its annual target.. The mainstream media in America cannot be trusted, period. Before the Thrive initiative, he said, there was not even a pretense of a mental health system in the city.. He said the goal of his multi-phase plan is "to promote those with seriousness mental illness who are living on the street." New: Instructions & Forms to access Kendra's Law; ThriveNYC White Paper; 3/26/2020 New ThriveNYC Plan Fails; 1/2018: New data on Kendra's Law shows distinguished results. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, NYC co-op owners, covering over 800K apartments, rebel against massive climate law costing millions, Friends urging disgraced Anthony Weiner to run for office, City Hall staffers reportedly warned that their comments could land in The Post, A sudden Albany push to poison charter schools, joined Democratic mayoral primary front-runners. Mayoral hopeful Kathryn Garcia said Thursday she has no clue how Mayor Bill de Blasios wife, Chirlane McCray, spent $1 billion on her mental illness project, ThriveNYC with so little to show for it. That's kind of a huge problem. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Public health officials credit the plan for drawing attention to mental health, often too easily ignored by political leaders. Here is when to use each: What do they always tell you when youre in high school or in college? Documentary tells inside story of the Baker Street robbery of 1971, and the claims it was a secret service operation to cover up a royal scandal, Republican party chairwoman warns 2024 presidential candidates need to address abortion 'head on' - and suggests Dems would allow terminations at nine months, 'A waste of licence payers' money!' October 15, 2021 To no avail, government watchdogs, politicians, and the media have long asked for accountability in spending from the $1 billion budget of New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray's ThriveNYC, the program that was supposed to combat mental illness for New Yorkers. The phones at NYC-WELL ring constantly, 180,000 times in 2018, according to city data. But nearly four years later, the place sits empty. 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Two locations have been selected, in East Harlem and the Bronx, but neither has opened yet. One, fromCity Hall, showed $594million in spending, but a second, from the Independent Budget Office, showed $816milion. Disease recurrence, one indicator, is not fully captured in claims, missing those who experienced relapse and did not get medical help. Both City Hall and IBO suspect the Office of Management and Budget included fewer programs in the City Hall version, accounting for the difference. In the meantime, police do what they have always done, responding to thousands of 911 mental health calls and, in some cases, either jailing or escorting the subjects to hospital ERs. They have good ideas, but the implementation is what they stumble on, said Steve Coe, the chief executive of Community Access, which provides housing and other services to the mentally ill. Thrives primary focus is on the other end of the spectrum: New Yorkers who have less serious and possibly undiagnosed mental health problems, a population that according to City Hall encompasses 1.7 million city residents. It is frustrating, said Cal Hedigan, CEO of Community Access, which advocates for mental health reform and participated in de Blasios task force. Now, four years later, there are serious concerns and calls for official inquiries into the program because no one can determine if its actually been successful. Updated. That escalated the situation, he said. . Operations provides project and performance management support, tracks ThriveNYC initiatives, and coordinates agencies in the development and implementation of policies. The EMT-social worker teams wont hit the streets until at least June after five weeks of training, which for EMTs includes self-defense and de-escalation instruction, and for social workers involves first aid training. Just what does Chirlane McCray's $250 million-a-year ThriveNYC do, anyway? Agency: ThriveNYC, Mayor's Office of (Thrive) Subject (s): Mental Health and Youth Report Type: Other Five from Thrive Access During COVID-19 Date Published: 2020-07-31 But over the course of two years between 2016 and 2018 the hospital screened a little over 28,000 patients and just 570 were offered help, a fraction of the 12,000 to 15,000 who were estimated to need care. I dont know what the questions will be. A report from Politico back in February gently sounded the alarm the piece almost apologetically mentioned that Thrive NYC was headed for a reset but calls for transparency have increased in the last week after Thrive was unable in late Februaryto tell City Council members how the money was being spent. On Friday, the NYC comptroller announced a "deep dive" into exactly what Thrive has accomplished and exactly where the exorbitant amount of taxpayer money has been spent. Training for the EMTs only began May 3 two months after the program was supposed to have started and days after de Blasio said he would expand the program citywide. A spreadsheet of nearly 500 data points tracked by City Hall included almost none related to patient outcomes. Chirlane McCray spoke about the ThriveNYC program at the 92nd Street Y in 2018. Its entry located deep inside a dingy, dimly lit parking garage is padlocked behind a metal gate. Instead, just focus on creating solutions that will truly work. Over the next four years, Ms. McCray would transform herself into a mental health evangelist. Thats a misconception that people often have, she said. thrivenyc missing money. The call center, operated under city contract, took over the old Lower Manhattan offices of a city suicide hotline known as LifeNet, a service with calls that peaked at 105,000 in 2014. They are hoping to be able to distinguish a violent and non-violent EDP (emotionally disturbed person) over the phone, he said. Bill de Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray cannot explain where $850million given to the mental health program she champions has gone, according to reports. Two budget breakdowns acquired by POLITICO one from City Hall and one from the Independent Budget Office show significant differences in spending. Both City Hall and IBO suspect the Office of Management and Budget included. Besides the ramped-up spending, a big part of Thrive has been Ms. McCrays advocacy. Wake up America, this stuff is happening often and everywhere. The man, Benedy Abreu, 31, served five years in prison and is now in a program funded through Thrive to help those with serious mental illness and a criminal past. Chirlane Irene McCray (born November 29, 1954) is an American writer, editor, and activist. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. Chirlane McCray, the wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, was awarded $900 million to launch a mental health project aimed at assisting the city's homeless. These diversion centers were part of de Blasios criminal justice reform plan to have police drop off people in mental health crises there instead of bringing them to hospital ERs or jail, which is what they have long done. We all want to know that our money is being used correctly, that it makes a difference. She has also published poetry and worked in . Mr. de Blasios wife, Chirlane McCray, has done the same, presenting the effort as a national model to audiences from Atlanta to Seattle. The Thrive program budgeted millions to create diversion centers, a place other than jail for officers to bring those experiencing a mental health crisis. SCOTUS Grants Review of Case That Will Gut the Federal Bureaucracy, Straight White Male Republican Identifies as Lesbian of Color, His Family Receives 'Violent Threats', AOC Bends the Knee to Her Democratic Party Overlords on a Senate Run, Fox's Bill Melugin Delivers Blow to the Leftist Narrative About Texas Shooter, Vivek Ramaswamy Debated Gender With Chuck Todd, and It Was Absolutely Bonkers, Outgoing Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Waxes Hypocritical at Texas Gov. ThriveNYC is an unprecedented commitment by the city of New York to create and support a comprehensive mental health system that works for everyone. More data will be added in coming months, she said. Since its beginnings. The shocking figures were revealed as de Blasio himself mothballed a program which spent $800million with the aim of improving the city's 100 worst schools, which largely failed. In the fall of 2017, the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene signed a contract to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to rehab a 14,000-square-foot former IRS office inside an anonymous beige Bronx building covered with graffiti. Health Department employees now conduct the eight-hour classes daily at churches, schools and community centers. We all know EMS get assaulted on a daily basis and thats with police on the scene. The goal is to give them treatment that addresses their longer-term needs to avoid a replay of the incident that got them there in the first place. Everyone in life goes through something, said Stacey Hamilton, 52, a peer specialist and social worker, reassuring Mr. Abreu during a recent visit that he, too, could become a peer counselor and recalling her own history of mental illness and incarceration. thrivenyc missing money devils hole missing divers. Nearly half the city's prison population has been diagnosed with mental health problems, but first lady Chirlane McCray's $250 million-a-year "ThriveNYC" mental health initiative has no presence in the jails. Redirect ThriveNYC funds to address serious mental illness Jason Hansman, from Mayor Eric Adam's office, next described existing services to help New Yorkers quickly connect with mental health help, including a new service, in addition to 311 and 911, called NYC Well. bill de blasio wife $850 million. The site does show that serious racial inequities persist nearly five years after McCray launched ThriveNYC in November 2015. Despite the worrying misuse of taxpayermoney highlighted by the revelations, the government has granted a huge increasein the project's budget going forward. That sounds a bit suspicious to me. Your determination will give you more confidence. It was challenging getting the personnel to join because of the danger, Barzilay said. Mental health first aid classes include discussions and role playing; Ms. McCray implores people to take the course, but has not yet been able to get her husband to do it. Meanwhile, the city dedicated $51 million to a similar operation in East Harlem that opened this past November. I felt like I was not able to function., But City Hall is still struggling to quantify the payoff from her efforts. The city committed $52 million to fix up and run the Bronx facility for a decade. You should choose to work on something that you would do without pay, she said. 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Initially, his son refused to cooperate. When record keeping is lacking and politicians are involved, it normally means that any missing money is not going to be found and probably ended up in those politicians pockets. The program, ThriveNYC, has fallen far behind its goals and appears to be a . The spokesperson said that happened because the de Blasio administration has significantly expanded mental health crisis and prevention programs including and extending well beyond Support and Connection Centers.. Its critically important for all city initiatives to maintain a level of transparency which allows the public to have oversight and allay concerns about government waste especially with tremendous sums.. Dr. Anitha Iyer, right, who helps oversee the call center for the citys mental health hotline, speaks to Dr. Gary Belkin, left, chief of policy and strategy at ThriveNYC. 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